The First Steps to Skateboarding
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The First Steps to Skateboarding

The first steps to Skateboarding
     If you're trying to learn to skateboard and you don't have a friend or trainer to teach you it can be very hard and you may not go anywhere very fast. There are a lot of benefits from skateboarding however. It is a big excersize and the worlds second fastest growing sport in kids, teens, and adults (first is chess which isn't really a sport). Since 10 years ago the group that skates has grown more than %125 of what it was. More than 12.5 million people skateboard right now in the US alone. Thats more than %5 of the American population. Skateboarding over the years has earned the reputation that only delinquents skateboard, when in fact thats not true. 1 in 67 skateboarders in the World have actually had conflict with the police. Now thats not saying that the other 66 are perfect, but in the last 3 years, delinquent behavior in skateboarding has decreased %240, and thats a giant change in a few years.

           If you are just learning how to skateboard you first have to choose a skateboard, which gets pricy. If you are over 9 years old do not buy one for 20 dollars from walmart. They won't last or go fast, and they usually weigh around 10 pounds. Go to a local skateboard shop, or a chain one, such as Zumiez. Make sure you get good bearings ($20+) a good board (if your heavy get an impact support), trucks don't matter a lot, and get wheels based on if you're going to ride on the street or skateparks (52-54 are good). And choose your grip tape carefully, if you have trouble staying on your board, get something thats more sticky, like mobb. And if you're good at balancing and staying on get something in the middle (never go no stick).

             Now that you know what to get, you can start getting prepared to skate. First, to find out if you are regular or goofy. Stand somewhere where there is a lot of open space in front of you and stand still. Close your eyes and have someone push you forward. If you land your right foot first then you are regular- right foot in back, left foot in the middle. If your left leg hits the ground first then you are goofy- left foot in back and right foot in the middle. There are two different types of pushing yourself too. There's just regular, and then there's mango (very rare). Regular is pushing with whatever foot is in the back, and mango is pushing with whatever foot is in the middle. You can just try different positions until you find the one that is most comftorable and easy.

             The first trick you want to learn is to ollie. There are thousands of training videos on how to do this on youtube, but it is the easiest to just have someone teach you (It is easier to ollie while moving). Ollie-ing is %99 of the time the hardest trick to learn because it's your first one, and you usually start out clumsy on a skateboard, (unless your Chuck Norris or something). It takes the average person 2 weeks to learn how to ollie correctelly, so don't get down if you don't get it your first day.

             I can't teach you how to do any tricks but here is a list of some tricks that you can learn and master;


The House


ollie off kickers

pop shove-it



No Comply

kick flip

heel flip

finger flip


Tre Flip (A.K.A. 360 Flip)

360 Pop Shuv It



Laser Flip


(there is a lot more skateboarding tricks than this, but thats for you to find out)

                       Good luck.

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Comments (2)

Hmmm. I don't skateboard, but my son does and that's great too know there "reputation" isn't actually 100% true. Good article.

Hmmm. I don't skateboard, but my son does and that's great too know there "reputation" isn't actually 100% true. Good article.