List of Skateboarding Tricks
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List of Skateboarding Tricks

This is a list of pretty much all the skateboarding tricks!

           Skateboarding is pretty much the number one growing sport in the U.S. You can do a lot of things with a skateboard. You can do tons of tricks, ride ramps in a million different ways, use it as transport, you name it. So I'm going to just give you a list of pretty much all the skateboarding tricks. I try to keep it in an order so that all similar tricks are together. Any way here the list...

  1. The Ollie
  2. Backside 180 Shove It
  3. Backside 180 Pop Shove It
  4. Manual
  5. Nose Manual
  6. Kickflip
  7. Old School Kickflip
  8. Heelflip
  9. Varial Kickflip
  10. Varial Heelflip
  11. 360 Flip / 360 Kickflip / Tre Flip
  12. Lazerflip / 360 Heelflip
  13. Hardflip
  14. Fingerflip
  15. Switchflip
  16. Premo Flip
  17. Premo Walk
  18. Pressure Flip
  19. Casper Flip
  20. Butterflip
  21. Fanflip
  22. Funflip
  23. Walk the Dog
  24. Kick Back
  25. Impossible
  26. Nose Hook Impossible
  27. Hospital Flip
  28. No Comply
  29. Board Slide
  30. Nose Slide
  31. Tail Slide
  32. 50-50 Grind
  33. Smith Grind
  34. Darkside Grind
  35. Boneless
  36. Zeke
  37. Tic Tac
  38. Gymnast Plant
  39. Handstand
  40. Monster Walk
  41. Pogo
  42. Premo slide
  43. San Francisco Flip
  44. Space Walk
  45. YoYo Plant
  46. Airwalk
  47. Ollie Airwalk
  48. Daffy

           I might have missed a couple of tricks in my list, but I think I've pretty much gotten all of them. As you can see there are about 50 skateboarding tricks. W'll really, there are an infinity of skateboarding tricks. I mean you could just do a kickflip and land in a hand stand (this might could be called something like mixture of 'kick'flip and hand'stand' that would be like a "kickstand" or something): you could heelflip into a 50-50 grind: you could boardslide, but just do a 360 off of the end of the rail when you're done sliding: I mean it could go on forever, but these are the building blocks for all those other complicated things. I don't know if any one person can do all of these tricks, but some have gotten pretty close. Probably like Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk has gotten the closest. If there was one person who could do all of them all, he'd be pretty amazing! Oh! by the way if there is a trick in my list here that you can't find out what it is, or like what it does, or if you have any other questions, just post a comment below and ask me. Thanks! 

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