How to Get Your Kickflips Higher
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How to Get Your Kickflips Higher

This is a tutorial on how to kickflip, and get your kickflps higher, and cleaner.

This is a tutorial on how to kickflip and how to get your kickflip higher, and cleaner. The kickflip is where your board flips 360 degrees.

PLEASE READ FIRST: Before you start wanting to get your kickflips higher and cleaner you will want to   perfect them. (I will continue teaching how to do a kickflip, if you have already got them down skip to step 5, or you can read it, it might help you do it switch.)

Step 1: When you first start practicing your kickflips you want to put your front foot in the middle of the board, do not put very much foot on it at all! And to where it is pointing slightly towards your nose. (As you get better, you will want to start putting your foot more on the board, and less pointing towards the nose, and a little farther up.) And for your back foot, put your toes and a little of your foot on the tail more towards the back of your skateboard.

Step 2: You want to pop your board with your back foot and slide your front foot up about at a 30 degree angle causing you to kick the pocket below the nose. Now you just don’t want to just slide your foot up, when you are in the middle of sliding your foot up you want to twist your ankle to where it is pointing completely towards the nose of your board and bend your ankle to where it is sliding the side of your shoe, then do the rest of your flicking out. 

Step 3: You want to get the flip down and land them with one foot, before you start landing it. (When I say “land it with one foot” I mean the board spins all the way before your back foot hits the ground, and then land it with one foot.)  Now when you start trying to land it put your front foot father up towards the nose and you want to land on the board no matter where it is it. It doesn’t matter if it only spins half way, if you can land it with one foot, just keep trying to land on it and you’ll get it. ;)

Step 4: When you are learning your kickflip your board WILL shoot out when you start trying to land them! To prevent that from happening you must lean forward.


Important Tips that You Must Do!!!

1.  Don't put very much foot on the board when starting out. 

2. Don’t kick the nose; kick the pocket below the nose.

3. When you are in the middle of flicking twisting your foot towards the nose of the board, and bend your foot to where the side of your shoe is scraping the grip tape.

4. When you can spin the board properly start landing on it no matter if it doesn’t spin all the way.

5. When you start trying to land the trick make sure to put your foot farther up towards the nose.

6. Lean forward!

Now, How to Get Them Higher, and Cleaner

Step 5: To get them higher you put more foot on the board and pop a lot harder and flick just a smidgen harder. Now you probably have been told that and it probably didn’t work, well it might be that you are not jumping high enough and not sucking your legs in.

Step 6: Make sure and try not to kick back or down, if you don’t you will have low and sketchy kickflips, if you even get that far. And another problem you might have is if your nose goes below your tail at the peak of it height, that means that you are kicking your nose. Don’t get frustrated with this trick because it is good to take your time with this trick because it is the key to all of the other kickflip variations. If you learn it before a year is up, you’re good! ;)

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