How to Do a Zeke on a Skateboard
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How to Do a Zeke on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do Zeke on a skateboard.

          The Zeke is a prop trick that I invented where you're riding and you want to stop.  While you're rolling, you pop your board up and catch it in mid air by the nose and land on your legs with the board in your hand.

Step 1: Push off on your skateboard. Get to where you are riding comfortably; start off at moderate speed. You want your front foot to be about in the middle of the board and your back foot like you would for an ollie, ready to pop. 

 Step 2: Pop your board, and at the same time lift your front foot up and behind you a little and jump about 45-90 degrees to the side so that the board is right in front of you. The board should then rise up in mid air in front of you.

 Tip: The closer your feet are to the nose, the harder you have to pop and the farther you will have to lift your leg up. So experiment and figure out about how hard you need to pop, how high to lift your leg up, and how high you need to jump.

 Step 3: Extend out your arm strait in front of you to catch the board by the nose. Grab the nose of the board and land with your feet on the ground and the board on your hand.

 Step 4: Practice! It only took me about an hour to get fluent at it, so it's a pretty easy trick to learn. So if you're like riding and you've just done an ollie over something and you're coming towards a wall afterwards, you can just do a Zeke and it helps stop you quicker so that you don't have to like jump off your board or hot the wall. Plus, extra you all ready have the board in your hand. It also just looks cool.  :)

By the way, the image that I had at the begining of this article isn't nessisarily a zeke, but it's the closest image I could find.

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