How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard
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How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard

This is a step by step artical on how to do a kickflip on a skateboard. It also has some tips and extras that helped me and should help you. Hope you enjoy!

           The kickflip is when you ollie, but slide your front foot off the side of the board and cause it to flip degrees and land it. It is the trick that most people learn after learning the ollie. You will need to be able to do the ollie in order to learn the kickflip.

 Step 1: Place your front foot a few inches below the front bolts. Move your foot off a little so that your foot is only about half way on. You also want to tilt your foot about 45 degrees, so that it is pointing towards the front bolts.

 Step 2: Place your back foot exactly like you would for an ollie, ready to pop.

 Step 3: Pop the board with your back foot and at the same time sliding your front foot up the board. You do not want to slide it up exactly like an ollie though; you want to be sliding your foot up the board with your front foot pointing forward flicking actually with your toes and not with the side of your foot like you would for an ollie. You want your foot to slide off the board right at the concave at the top.

 Step 4: Lift your back foot up, and your front foot should just be sliding past the concave. As soon as your front foot slides past the concave immediately lift your front foot up with your back foot.

Remember! Don’t spin the board by kicking down or you will shoot the board to ground. You want to kick out, NOT down.

 Step 5: Figure out how long it takes to spin the board so that you will know how long to lift your feet up before you catch it. At first it will be hard to jump high enough to catch the board at the right time. You will probably catch the board when it has only spun 90 degrees, that's doing half a kickflip. Sometimes you only do a half kickflip because you didn't pop hard enough and so the board didn't get high enough to give the board time enough to flip all the way. Just keep practicing and build up your jumping mussels and you will eventually start being able to do full kickflips more consistently. Good luck!

 Extra: You do not have to be able to ollie high, you just need to be able to level out your board and get it about a foot high.

 Extra: The more foot you have on the board the more of an ollie you will get and the higher it will be. The less foot you have on the board, the faster it spins.

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If there's anything that wasn't clear, just let me know. :-D

Interesting. Voted

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Thanks, I'll return the favor, Iucia anna! :-)

I could never learn to do an ollie, and I doubt I ever will learn, cause I don't have a skateboard anymore.

Interesting, makes me wanna take up skateboarding although my beer belly would probably get in the way

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lol :-D

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