How to Do a Kickflip Body Varial on a Skateboard
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How to Do a Kickflip Body Varial on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a kickflip body varial on a skateboard.

The kickflip body varial, disco kickflip, or kickflip sex change is where you do a kickflip and turn your body 180 degrees frontside and land rolling away switch. In order learn this trick you will need to be able to kickflip comfortably, and be able to jump up turn 180 degrees frontside and land rolling switch (this is known as a body varial, because your body does a varial which means to rotate 180 degrees). If you can do both of these things then you are ready to combine them and learn this trick.

Step 1: Place your back foot exactly like you would for a kickflip slightly in the rear corner pocket of your board with your toes slightly applying pressure ready to pop.

Step 2: Place your front foot the same way you would for a kickflip but maybe just slightly off a little more and slightly more at an angle towards the front bolts.

Step 3: Face your body more towards the front bolts so that it will be easier to rotate yourself around when performing the trick.

Step 4: Pop with your back foot while at the same time flicking out with your front foot and twisting your body around 180 degrees.

Step 5: Once you have spun a full 180 degrees, catch the board and land. You should then be in a switch stance. When first trying these you will probably want to practice them stationary, although if you are an experienced skater with high kickflips then it would probably be easier to do them moving at a slow pace. Read the solutions to some of the trouble spots that you may encounter when learning this trick below.

Step 6: Keep trying! If you are an experienced kickfliper then this trick will come pretty easy, but if you still have low and inexperienced kickflips then it will take a little longer to learn, but just keep trying and you’ll get it. J

Trouble Spot 1: When first trying this trick you will probably be rotating your board 90 degrees backside and your body 90 degrees frontside catching the trick but only half way. The best way to solve this problem is to face your body at more towards the front of your board right before performing the trick. Another way to fix this problem is to slightly scoop the board frontside acting against the backside rotation that is the problem causing it not to rotate.

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