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How to Do a Heelflip on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a heelflip on a skateboard.

The heelflip is usually a good trick to learn after the learning the kickflip, of course that doesn’t mean that you have to learn the kickflip first, it’s just that the kickflip is a more popular and desired trick. The heelflip is when you do like you would for a kickflip, but you just flick with your heel off the front concave on the other side.

Step 1: Place your front foot in the center of the board, like you would for an Ollie, but with your toes hanging off the front side.

Step 2: Place your back foot in the Ollie position, but move it back so that it is on the back corner, ready to pop.

Step 3: Pop with your back foot and at the same time drag your front foot strait up the board, like you would for an Ollie. But as you reach the concave at the top, slide your foot forward and out off the concave at top of the board.

Step 4: As you are sliding your front foot up you need to be lifting your back foot up also so your board will be able to lift up in the air and spin.

Step 5: As soon as your front foot slides off the nose of the board, lift it up in the air. Now you don’t want to flick too hard or the board will shoot out away from you and won’t get a complete spin. It will just spin half way or something. You want to kind of flick lightly and this will help you get the proper controlled spin. Now you do want to flick out pretty far. If you don’t it won’t get a full spin and you will lift your legs up too early and will catch the board before it has spun all of the way over, and will land a half heelflip.

Step 6: Catch the board. Some people say that you have to watch for the grip tape, but when you are starting out as a beginner you won’t see the grip tape. It will be spinning too fast for you to see it. When you are first starting out, you will be doing very low flips. As you get better, your flips will get higher and higher, and by the time you have a good high heelflip, it will be spinning slow enough to see the grip tape. That is why some people say to watch for the grip tape and catch it then. They have high heelflips and it spins slowly enough for them to watch the spin and catch the board when they see the grip tape.

Step 7: Practice and practice! If you have all ready learned the kickflip then it won’t take very long for you to learn the heelflip, because the hardest part of both tricks is learning how to land it. So if you’ve all ready learned the kickflip you will just have to learn how to spin a heelflip and that will be it, you have all ready learned how to land it. 

If you have any questions or are having any problems you would like to ask, just post a comment below and ask me. Good luck!

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