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How to Do a Frontside 180 Ollie on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a frontside 180 ollie on a skateboard.

The frontside 180 ollie or frontside 180 is where you do an ollie but also at the same time turn you and your board 180 degrees frontside, land, and roll away fakie. This is a pretty easy trick to learn how to do, but you do need to have your ollies comfortable and fairly high. It is also usually best to practice frontside 180 ollies moving. When starting out though just give a slight push and practice them moving slowly, and as you get better you can start to do them moving faster. Here are four steps to learn this trick.

Step 1: Place your back foot in the rear corner pocket of your board with most of the heel side of your foot hanging of the edge ready to pop.

Step 2: Place your front foot about two or three inches below the front bolts with your toes hanging off the edge. You will need to kind of grab the edge of the board with your toes so that you will be able to whip it around when doing the trick.

Step 3: Pop with your back foot while at the same time turning your body 180 degrees frontside and using your front foot to grab and pull the board all of the way around. You need to also use your back foot to help in the rotation of the board by pulling it around and forcing it up front allowing you to roll away fakie.

Step 4: This trick usually takes a few days to learn. It took me a full day of practice to do my first one, but a few more days to get it a little more consistent so just keep trying and you’ll get it!

Trouble spot 1: When first trying this trick you will most likely not be getting the full 180 rotation causing you to either turn back around to regain your balance or jump off. There are a few things to try when having this problem. Number one is to thrust yourself around harder. The main reason that you will have this problem though is that you are not using your back foot enough to help in the rotation. The way to solve this is to shoot your back foot out harder when assisting in the scoop. You also may want to make sure and use your arms and shoulders to thrust yourself around.

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Good article. vt'd ttd dugg

Since I know nothing about skateboarding, a drawing/diagram would have helped immensely. I think that a drawing would have helped many other readers as well.

liked and shared, good job