How to Do a Backside 360 Pop Shove It on a Skateboard
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How to Do a Backside 360 Pop Shove It on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a backside 360 pop shove it on a skateboard

A backside 360 pop shove it is where you scoop your board backside 360 degrees and land on it. Before trying to learn this trick you need to be able to do a backside 180 pop shove it easily and cleanly. This trick is good to learn to help your 360 flips.

Step 1: Place your back foot it the front corner pocket of your board with your toes hanging off the side of your board ready to scoop hard.

Step 2: Place your front foot in the middle of the board like you would for an ollie about an inch away from the toe side of the board with your heel handing off. You may also want to place your foot at a slight angle.

Step 4: Pop and scoop as hard as you can with your back foot. You may also want to assist in the rotation with your front foot by shoving it forward.

Step 5: Learn how to spin a 360 pop shove it before trying to actually land it. Just learn how to spin it and catch it with your front foot.

Step 6: Once you’ve got the spin down you will want to start trying to actually land it. In order to do this you will need to jump forward as you spin the board. Read some of the solutions to some of the trouble spots that you will probably encounter when learning this trick

Trouble Spot 1: When first trying to learn how to land on the board you will probably be only spinning the board 270 degrees and landing wrong causing it to flip and hit you in the ankles and shins. This is generally the most frustrating problem when learning this trick and also very painful! The best way to solve this problem is spin it as you normally would but rotate your body 90 degrees and landing a 270 pop shove it. As you get better you can slowly start to rotate your board more and your body less until you can eventually do a full 360 pop shove it.

Trouble Spot 2: The second trouble spot is landing premo and spinning the board in half a heelflip or kickflip rotation while scooping the board. The reason that this happens is generally because of the height of your board from the ground or the way that it is shaped. The only solution to the problem is to just keep practicing and find a way to keep it from doing this.

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