How to Do a Backside 180 Pop Shove It on a Skateboard
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How to Do a Backside 180 Pop Shove It on a Skateboard

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a 180 Pop Shove-It.

This is a great trick to start out with as a beginner. It's doesn't take too long to learn, and it's fun. This took me about 5 days to learn how to do it, but I was still shaky at it.

Step 1: Position your feet like you would for an Ollie, but just position your front foot right below the front bolts and at a slight angle towards the nose of your board. As for your back foot; you want it to be like an Ollie, but you'll need to slide it forward a little so that your toes are closer to the edge. This will allow you to scoop the board later in the trick.

 Step 2: Pop and scoop the board with your back foot.

 Step 3: At the same time lift your front foot out of the way.

 Step 4: While performing steps 2 and 3 jump up and forward into the air. You want to suck in your knees so that your board can get as high as possible.

 Step 5: A good way to practice scooping the board would be to get off, and just practice scooping with your back foot. Once you can do this with ease, then you want to get on with both feet and practice! You will probably need to adjust a little and find out what works for you. It will take a while to get all of the coordination down and to figure out what all works, but don't give up. This shouldn't be a too frustrating trick to learn, but as always any trick can be aggravating. Sometimes you get really excited that you actually did it and start doing it constantly, but for some reason you start to loose the skill, this will REALLY annoy you. The problem is, is that you have done it so much that your over doing your body and it can't continue to create the circuits in your brain as fast as you trying to. Sometimes you learn it and after doing it a few times in a row, you start to think it's kind of easy and get too confident in yourself. You forget how much effort you actually have to put in as a beginner and don't put in enough. Remember always go back to the basics and put in all your effort!

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